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Alien Starship Maintenance and Repair
Contact Information

Contact information follows in an image file that is not readable by spam robots:

contact info

If you cannot see the image above, you will want to enable "see images" on your browser. And, as an alternative option, Vinny's email address follows in encoded text in a format which is not readable by spam robots:

vinny [999] at mindspring (dot) [666] com

To convert the text above to a real email address, remove all the stuff in brackets, remove all spaces, and convert "at" to the "at" symbol (i.e. @), and (dot) to a dot (i.e., a "." ) and put it together to form an email address.

Please note that any calls or emails for any consulting purposes must be prepaid; no consulting services may be prepaid until Vinny has granted permission to do so, that is, until he has agreed to accept you as a consulting client -- for more details, please see the Consulting Terms page on Vinny's main website.

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